Here's what people have been saying about my crocheted vaginas:

"These are crotch-tacular!" -- Johnny Dare of the Johnny Dare Morning Show on 98.9 KQRC, 7/26/04 interview

"Becki, you realize those aren't vaginas, right? They're vulvas." -- Becki's grandmother

"Well, I'm really glad you started doing this, because you couldn't be my best friend if you didn't crochet vaginas. I only accept people for best friends who crochet vaginas." -- Becki's best friend

"Thanks to Becki's crocheted crotches, I have a vagina of my very own now." -- Becki's other friend

"This is the closest I've ever been to a real pussy! Well, except for the neighbor's cat." -- Becki's anonymous friend

"Becki, what the hell is wrong with you?" -- Becki's disturbed brother